The Unique Nature Of Breast Milk.

The world Health Organization (WHO) recommends that infants be exclusively breast fed for six months, starting from the first hour of life, and they continue for up to two years or beyond.

According to WHO, Breastfeeding rates has subsequently declined and only 45% of women are still Breastfeeding their children as at their 2nd birthday.


WABA which is known as the World Alliance for the Breastfeeding Organization and UNICEF which is known as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund main aim for World Breastfeeding Week is to promote exclusive breastfeeding   for the first six months of  a infants life which makes them Healthy and Strong enough to do any task in the Future.

The Breastfeeding Day was launched in 1991 on February 14th for increasing the Breastfeeding Culture in the World by achieving the Breastfeeding Goal and also giving the support for the Breastfeeding Tradition.

Breast Milk Uniqueness

Did you know?
Breast milk is composed of hundreds of distinct bioactive molecules, some of which are not yet fully understood by scientists?

Breast milk is composed primarily of;
1. Water : which maintains hydration and protects organs.
2. Carbohydrate : which is a source of energy for the brain.
3. Lipids (fats) : which provides half of the calories the baby needs.
4. Proteins : needed to make hormones and enzymes, it builds and strengthens the baby’s body.
   These are the Macronutrients found in breast milk.
Micronutrients in breast milk include, vitamins and minerals needed to support the baby.
Breast milk saves children lives as it provides antibodies that keeps babies healthier and protects them from childhood illnesses like pneumonia, jaundice, etc.It has fatty acids, like DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), that may help your baby’s brain and eyes develop, also breastfeeding babies may have less gas and belly pain than a baby who is fed formula. 
    Breast milk has hormones and the right amount of protein, sugar, fat and most vitamins to help your baby grow and develop.
This and more are why breast milk is highly recommended for infants.

Breast Milk Nature

Breast milk changes as your baby grows so he gets exactly what he needs at the right time.
Breast milk has three different stages.

1.  Colostrum
This is the first milk that comes out a few days after the baby is born, it is thick and yellow in color.
This milk is rich in proteins, antibodies, vitamins and minerals.

2. Transitional Milk
Two to four days after a baby is born, this milk replaces Colostrum.
Transitional milk is thin and white, it contains high quantities of fat, calories, proteins, lactose  and vitamins.

3. Mature Milk
After ten to fifteen days after babies birth, the mature milk comes out, it consists mainly of water and appears bluish in color.

Dont be deceived!
Breast milk is the best for your baby!  if for any reason you encounter difficulty either lactating or while  Breastfeeding, please speak to a Registered Dietician.

A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three. 
  – Grantly Dick-Read.

Always remember,

World Breastfeeding week Theme’s from 2001 till Date.

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) was formed in the year 1991. Its aim being to protect, support, and promote breastfeeding.

The event which was once celebrated in a day in the international calendar, is now celebrated for a week.

The first World Breastfeeding Week was celebrated in the year 1992, it is celebrated now in over 120 Countries, by the WHO, UNICEF and also many other Organisations.

World Breastfeeding Week is now being celebrated from 1st August to the 7th August giving people every knowledge about the positive effects of Breastfeeding.

Ever since the first World Breastfeeding week (WBW) began, there has always been a slogan/theme used for each week.

Here are the themes of the world Breastfeeding week from 2001 till date.

🏥 The Theme for 2001 was,

“Breastfeeding in the information age”

🏥The Theme for 2002 was,

“Breastfeeding : Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies ”

🏥The Theme for 2003 was,
“Breastfeeding in a Globalized world for peace and justice.

🏥The Theme for 2004 was,

“Exclusive Breastfeeding: the Gold standard, safe, sound, sustainable”.

🏥The Theme for 2005 was,

“Breastfeeding and family foods: loving and healthy _ feeding other foods while Breastfeeding is continued “.

🏥The Theme for 2006 was,

“Code watch_ 25 years of protecting Breastfeeding”.

🏥The Theme for 2007 was,

“Breastfeeding: The 1st hour, save a million babies ”

🏥The Theme for 2008 was,

“Mother support: Going for the Gold, everyone wins! ”

🏥The Theme for 2009 was,

“Breastfeeding : A vital emergency response”

🏥The Theme for 2010 was,

“Breastfeeding : Just 10 steps! The baby friendly way”

🏥The Theme for 2011 was,

“Talk to me, Breastfeeding : A 3D Experience ”

🏥The Theme for 2012 was,

“Understanding the past, planning for the future ”

🏥The Theme for 2013 was,

“Breastfeeding support, Close to Mothers”

🏥The Theme for 2014 was,

“Breastfeeding : A winning Goal_ for life! ”

🏥The Theme for 2015 was,

“Breastfeeding and work, _ Let’s make it”

🏥The Theme for 2016 was,

“Breastfeeding: a key to Sustainable Development”

🏥The Theme for 2017 was,

“Sustaining Breastfeeding Together.”

🏥The Theme for 2018 was,

“Breastfeeding: Foundation of life ”

🏥 The Theme for 2019 was,

“Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding”

🏥The Theme for 2020 is,

“Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet.

These are some of the Theme’s that have been used to celebrate the World Breastfeeding Week (WBW).

I hope you leant one or two from this.

Happy World Breastfeeding week!

“Breastfeeding is an unsentimental metaphor for how love works, in a way. You don’t decide how much and how deeply to love you respond to the beloved, and give with joy exactly as much as they want. – Marni Jackson

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My 31 days weight loss journey.

Happy new month 💖

I can’t believe I made it 😂, so on the 1st of July I made a vow to my self to eat healthy for a month, I dropped sugar, like I am into sugar I can’t have my tea without it, but that’s in the past now.
I nurtured my appetite and cravings, the temptations where there, put I pulled through, this one month journey has taught me alot of things about my body, and am so grateful, I lost some inches on my waist and arm,( next time I do this, I will post my before and after picture, pardon me 🙏).
  I had a Target 🎯  and I can confidently say I met it! 
There are some things I have dropped this past few weeks, that am not willingn to pick up again. The Journey  So I followed this 10 rules ( on the picture above 👆).
🎖One of the rules I kept to the last was not eating noodles, like for one whole month, NO NOODLES!
🎖I avoided all contact with sugar as much as I could, I stopped putting it in my tea, (and I don’t think I want to ever do that again,), i did not eat cake, with all the temptations that came with being in parties!
🎖I did not have soft drinks, am not really a soft drink kind of girl,  I prefer water, like I drink so much water on a daily basis, and it actually helped with my intermittent fasting, there were nights, I just had a cup of water and went to bed.
My intermittent fasting required I stopped eating any thing at exactly 8pm and start eating my 10am. It was 10 – 14 hours fast.
🎖I fell in love with veggies, thankfully we are in the rainy seasons in Nigeria, so vegetables are accessible and cheap. 
🎖i ate a lot of fruits, made smoothies with them, played around with them.
🎖Late night food! Is the demon king, if you can avoid this, you are one way to your dream body.My breakfast during this month were simple meals, consisting of
Eggs, plain yogurt, smoothies, Oat meal, Green tea etc. My Lunch were my normal meals whilst I observed portion control.
They were mostly Eba and soup, porridge sweet patatoe, and plantains etc.Things i have Learnt and keeping up
1. Avoiding late night food❌
2.Avoiding sugar as much as possible ❌
3. Drinking more water ✔
4. Portion control ✔
5. Eating more veggies and fruits✔
6. Exercise( I just have to try)  ✔
7. Having a cheat day! ✔✔So yeah that has been my July weightloss journey, am not letting my guards down, am having a 30 squats challenge this August, wish me luck!Have you had a weightloss challenge before?  How did it go,? Did you meet your goal?   “Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.”
Always remember
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